Case Studies


CAMPAIGN: Fighting Violence Against Women

CLIENT: Lifetime Television for Women

Aman & Associates served as the Washington, DC base for Lifetime Television’s Communications and Public Affairs departments. Our team was charged with increasing awareness and support for Lifetime’s Emmy-award winning Our Lifetime Commitment public affairs campaigns: “Stop Violence Against Women,” to combat domestic violence and sexual assault; “End Breast Cancer for Life,” to educate women about breast cancer; “Be Your Own Hero,” a self-esteem and empowerment campaign; and “Every Women Counts,” a voter-awareness initiative.

Aman & Associates provided strategic communications counsel and support for a range of collaborative projects, often charged with bridging the divide between advocacy organizations and unifying splintered interests in support of a unified cause. The efficacy of “Lifetime’s Stop Violence Against Women” campaign, for example, was largely dependent upon building a coalition of similar-minded interest groups aimed at ending violence against women. Our advocate partners had differing missions – some focusing on domestic violence, others on rape and sexual assault, and still others targeted specific ethnicities or geographies – yet they all shared the primary mission of ending violence against women in all forms.

Aman & Associates worked with Lifetime to identify and engage advocacy groups and engender support for the network’s public affairs campaign to end violence against women. Our aim was creating a coalition of like-minded organizations that were unified by their work to end violence against women and respected for the individual visions each embraced for achieving the shared goal of ending violence against women.

We are proud of our contribution to Lifetime’s public affairs campaigns. The network has emerged as a leader among networks committed to advocating for public affairs initiatives embraced by viewers, and is the top-rated women’s network on television, according to Nielson Media. The network has developed the model for engendering support for specific campaigns and spurring meaningful action.

CAMPAIGN:Celebrity Voices Calm Fears


Aman & Associates provided comprehensive communications and brand-building support to, a Web-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, reliable medical information and support to breast cancer patients and their families. We were charged with supporting the organization’s “open-source” communications model and generating media interest for the timely medical information available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We worked as partners in all aspects of branding and media relations.

At the outset of our partnership with, Aman & Associates strove to create an on-going public relations campaign anchored by aggressively pitching the founder of the organization, Dr. Marisa Weiss, an articulate medical source for all breast cancer-related stories. By identifying and implementing new media outreach campaigns each month, our team effectively inserted into the national dialogue about breast cancer. The communications strategy we  developed together effectively branded as the single most comprehensive and reliable source for information about breast cancer for patients, families and the media.

Our tireless and persistent media outreach resulted in  national print, television and radio coverage, including CNN, the Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Redbook, Glamour, Self, The Philadelphia Inquirer, National Public Radio, and, among others.

We are honored to have contributed to raising the awareness about the incredible resource that is Our team directed all media outreach, while also offering strategic counsel about public affairs opportunities, development possibilities, brand enhancement, and Website design and content.

CAMPAIGN:Media Monitoring Watchdog Reports for Duty

CLIENT: Media Matters for America

Aman & Associates began working with Media Matters for America, a non-profit progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting misinformation in the U.S. media, prior to its launch in May 2004. Our team was retained to craft central messaging; position the organization as an innovative and credible resource for the media and other organizations; create and implement a brand marketing campaign, including logo and collateral development; drive coalition and activism outreach; direct all external affairs, including media relations, partner outreach and online activism; and serve as the on-the-record organizational spokesperson. Within the organization, we managed and reviewed an internal and external communications team of six; and created a framework and template for both an employee manual and annual staff reviews.

On the heels of Media Matters’ inaugural operating year, our team enthusiastically engaged in directing the transition from outside communications counsel to an in-house communications department, understanding the import of self-sufficiency for any viable and respected organization. Our team crafted a highly developed and detailed internal and external communications and infrastructure model to guide the new in-house communications department. Our transition work included crafting a proposed staffing flow chart and correlated job responsibilities, submitting a year-out strategic guide; consulting on staff recruitment; and creating a comprehensive “best practices” overview for virtually every department within the organization.

We are proud to have contributed to start-up organization that, in less than a year, became a well-known and respected resource for news producers and consumers alike. More than 3.5 million people – including policy makers and members of the news media – flocked to the Website for reliable and accurate information. Media Matters continues to receive significant national media coverage from a range of news outlets. In its inaugural year, our team assisted in generating press coverage for Media Matters in almost all of Editor and Publisher’s “Top 50 Daily Newspapers,” notably USA Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and New York Daily News. Media Matters spokespeople also have made appearances on the major networks and prominent radio programs, including CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, ABC and Court TV, as well as National Public Radio’s Fresh Air, On the Media, On Point, and Marketplace.


421351_10151476060107849_1206854320_nCAMPAIGN: The Future is Mobile

CLIENT: Mobile Future


Aman & Associates serves as communications counsel to Mobile Future, an association of cutting-edge technology enterprises, communications companies and non-profit organizations collaborating to encourage investment and innovation in the dynamic wireless sector.

Working with our Mobile Future partners, we serve as a seamless extension of the team and are unified in our efforts to communicate the positive impacts of wireless connectivity on businesses and consumers. Aman & Associates plays an integral role in message development, and provides ongoing external and internal communications guidance and strategic counsel.

Our team manages all aspects of Mobile Future’s state and national media relations, including serving as the primary point of contact for all media queries. We are charged with identifying media opportunities for a robust, economic/consumer-specific stable of surrogates, in addition to monitoring media calendars, cycles and stories for strategic opportunities.

In addition to media relations, our team works with Mobile Future to promote research papers, issue-specific webinars and infographics on topics ranging from spectrum sharing to the explosive growth of connected devices. We draft and distribute media statements, news releases and blog posts on breaking legislative and federal public policy, as well as emerging industry trends and products. Aman & Associates also regularly writes timely op eds and letters-to-the-editor for placement in national and local media outlets, as well as trade publications.  Central to our media outreach efforts is establishing and maintaining strong and enduring relationships with technology beat reporters and editorial writers.

Together, Aman & Associates and Mobile Future have successfully launched and promoted a number of initiatives ranging from an ongoing series of Mobile Future forums that explore the intersection of wireless and consumer experience, to an annual “Mobile-Year-In-Review” original animated video that takes a rapid fire tour of the blistering evolution of–and demand for–wireless connectivity. We also partnered with Mobile Future to inaugurate “The Mobileys,” an annual mobile innovation competition that shines a spotlight on early stage wireless innovations designed to make the world a better place.

We are privileged to contribute to Mobile Future’s national reputation as a measured, insightful voice on a broad range of wireless innovations and investments that are transforming our society and the nation’s economy.